Unlimited access to unique location materials.
Benefits of using the finest location data for up to 2,900 won per month!
Wise location hunting for the untact era.
A practical choice to reduce hunting difficulties and increase the quality of the work.
Methods of payment
  • Service selection
    Recurring payment
    1 month subscription payment
    6 month subscription payment (1 month discount)
    12 month subscription payment (2 month discount)
  • Payment amount

  • Methods of payment
    Virtual account
  • Your account to get a refund
Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions Agreement Notice.

The location market is a platform service that helps you and space users directly sign contracts, and is not involved in any actions or matters that occur when using space, and is not a party to the contract that is concluded, so we are not responsible for this.

Photos of space are reduced in size in the location market and inserted with Roman watermarks to provide free downloads to customers looking for space.

The amount paid through LOMA's safe U+ payment system will be deposited within three days of customer use.

[Service fee announcement]

General space: 15% of the payment amount (PG company fee is paid by LOMA).

Roman Family Space: 20% of the payment amount (PG company fee is paid by LOMA).

사업For ordinary customers who are not registered as business operators, an additional 3.3% withholding tax will be imposed.

The space you applied for will be approved/registered after review by the location market, and the space with a 0% success rate after registration may be canceled if it falls under the following reasons.

1. If the reservation waiting status (more than 2 days) is more than 3 cumulative cases,

2. In the case where there are more than 7 cumulative waiting, cancellation, or rejection of reservations - In the case of receiving direct payment for LOMA reservations (including the case of customer report)

원For smooth reservation management, please check My Page > My Space/Reservation Management Guide! 

I have read all of the above and agree to the terms and conditions